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President's Message

President’s Message

Welcome to the Microscopy Society of Singapore! This is a non-profit think tank actively focused on the promotion of microscopy, organization of microscopy-related activities and facilitation of knowledge and information exchange among its members.

We have just concluded our Microscopy Society of Singapore School 2015 Annual General Scientific Meeting on the theme of “Advances in Fluorescence Microscopy” which was very well-received, and saw about 100 registered participants from different institutions in Singapore.  A big “thank you” to speakers, sponsors, members, and all who have helped in making the meeting a success, and a warm welcome to our new members who have signed up at the meeting !

Our next Microscopy Society of Singapore School 2016 – Annual Scientific Meeting will take place around 19th March 2016, in Partnership with the 7th Asia Pacific International Congress of Anatomists (7 APICA) at NUS. The theme of the meeting is Advances in Functional Microscopy, and will showcase recent technical advances in morphological and physiological / biochemical analyses at the microscopic scale. Due to the tight schedule at 7 APICA, the Annual General Meeting will be held a few weeks earlier.

MS(S) Council is concerned to reach out to more people in the wider community who utilize different types of microscopes in their daily activities, and these developments are part of our ongoing educational and outreach efforts.

MS(S) is moving forward in tandem with new technology and innovations in microscopy, and your input and suggestions for further initiatives are especially welcome.

Let us join our hands together to ensure the continued success of our Society, and the furtherance of microscopy in Singapore.

Yours sincerely,

W.Y. Ong

Professor Wei-Yi Ong
Microscopy Society of Singapore